About us

Hi, I'm Lauren.

I was stuck in a breakfast spiral.

I needed a filling breakfast to power me through the day, but I was constantly in a rush.

Whenever I ran out of time to do my own prep, the only options I could find on the way to work were unhealthy and unsatisfying. Fatty pastries, breakfast biscuits, sugary drinks...

That's where overnight oats came in.

I started preparing all my pots for the week ahead, so I could grab and go. That's when I realised that readymade overnight oats were the perfect solution for our busy breakfasts.

Oatsu was born.

It all started in lockdown

I started making overnight oat pots in my own kitchen, and delivering them all around London.

They were a hit.

Things quickly went bananas

It didn't take long for things to get out of hand.

I quit my job and spent my weeks making pot after pot of overnight oats.

We launched with a manufacturer

When my kitchen couldn't handle the demand, we moved our manufacturing to a local plant-based food specialist.

A successful crowdfund

We smashed our crowdfunding target, hitting 250% of our goal.

Launched into Holland & Barrett

Holland & Barrett selected Oatsu as part of their roll-out of a new chilled range across 645 stores nationwide.

And soon we'll be in Co-op

Next stop: Co-op. Oatsu were selected as one of eight brands in Co-op's Apiary scheme for new food and drink brands.

We'll be launching on shelves in 2024.

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