By Lauren O’donnell

Introducing our NEW Blueberry Flavour! 🎉

The sun's come out just in time for our brand new summer flavour! ☀️

Say hello to your new favourite breakfast, our fresh and fruity Blueberry overnight oat pot. 🎉

We infuse our oats with a blueberry compote, made with 100% blueberry and zero sugar. 👍🏻

This is the perfect convenient summer breakfast: 

✔️ Sweet, creamy and refreshing

✔️ Vegan (as always!)

✔️ Only 370 calories!

✔️ Comes in two sizes - a 220g jar, and a 110g pot

✔️ Can be enjoyed at home or on the go

Try our Blueberry oat pot on its own of in any of our breakfast bundles, which we'll deliver straight to your door. 📫


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